Patrizia Bonanzinga


Group exhibitions

January 2016   L'Art pour l'Accueil, Châtelain 18, Brussels, Belgium
[ invito ]

May-October 2015   We & Women from Africa, projection, Expo Milano 2015, Me & We - Women for Expo, Milan, Italy

15-18 May 2015   RomArt, 1st Edition International Biennal of Art and Culture

January 2015   L'Art pour l'Accueil, Châtelain 18, Brussels, Belgium

September 2014   Time Lag, 9th Edition Con-Vivere Carrara Festival, Carrara, Italy
[ invitation ]

23-25 May 2014   Proposta, MIA (Milan Image Art) Fair

6-23 April 2014   Time Lag, projection, Festival A Língua Toda, Diáspora: a memória consentida, Videolab group, Coimbra, Portugal

January 2014   L'Art pour l'Accueil, Châtelain 18, Brussels, Belgium
[ invitation ]

September 2012-January 2013   Women's Roundabout, Artiscope Contemporary Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
[ communiqué de presse ]

14-23 September 2012   Time Lag video, 7th edition Festival Dockanema, Maputo, Mozambique

June-August 2012   Time Lag video and exhibition, Corigliano Calabro Fotografia 2012, Corigliano Calabro, Italy

March-May 2012   Power of Water, East Meets West Gallery, Polytechnical Museum, Moscow, Russia

December 2011-March 2012   Sospensioni, Il Frantoio Gallery, Capalbio, Italy
[ comunicato stampa pdf ]

August-September 2011   Planet Watch, 4th edition, Il Frantoio Gallery, Capalbio, Italy
[ comunicato stampa pdf ]

March 2011   China in My Eyes, photo exhibition of Female Diplomatic Envoys and Wives of Diplomatic Envoys in China, Capital Museum, Beijing, China

December 2010-March 2011   MAXXI Cantiere d'Autore, Racconto fotografico, MAXXI National Museum of Arts of XXI century, Rome, Italy

November 2007-March 2008   Cantiere d'Autore, in MAXXI Musée Rome: Zaha Hadid à Rome, CIVA International Center for the City, Architecture and Landscape, Brussels, Belgium

October 2007   La Trasparenza, Impronta Gallery, Rome, Italy

June-July 2007   Ritrovi, Fotografia Firenze Florian 2007, Caffé Florian, Florence, Italy

April-August 2007   Lavori in Corso: il Palazzo, FotoGrafia, 6th International Festival of Rome, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy

April 2007   L'Opera Guardante, Impronta Gallery, Rome, Italy

September 2006   Field of Vision, New Art Project, 798 Art District, Beijing, China

April-May 2006   The Road to Coal, 6th International Month of Photography, Moscow, Russia

July 2005   Ritrovi, inside the show urban Roaming, Les Rencontres d'Arles, Atelier François Seigneur and Sylvie de La Dure, Arles, France

May 2005   The Road to Coal, projection, FotoGrafia, 4th International Festival of Rome, Museum of Rome in Trastevere, Rome, Italy

September-December 2004   6Communities, Alice Austen House Museum, Staten Island, New York City, USA

July 2004   Chez Sylvie - Chez les Chinois, Les Rencontres d'Arles, Atelier François Seigneur and Sylvie de La Dure, Arles, France

June 2002   Ritrovi, FotoGrafia, 1st International Festival of Rome, Stazione Termini, Rome, Italy