Patrizia Bonanzinga



Time Lag2013  
Women's Roundabout, Artiscope, Brussels, Belgium.

Time LagMay 2011  
Time Lag, Damiani publiser, Bologna, Italy.

Cantiere d'Autore, Racconto Fotografico2010  
collaboration with Cantiere d'Autore, Racconto Fotografico, MAXXI Architettura Fotografia, Electa publisher, Milan, Italy.

MAXXI Architettura Fotografia. Le CollezioniMaggio 2010  
collaboration with MAXXI Architettura Fotografia. Le Collezioni, from Francesca Fabiani, Electa publisher, Milan, Italy.

The Other KidsMay 2009  
L'Altra Infanzia, The Other Kids, A Outra Infância, commission from UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute), Turin, Italy. The book is included inside the communication project to support the programme Strengthening Juvenil Justice in Mozambique. The DVD and the exhibition are also part of the project.

Ritrovi-RomaMarch 2007  
Ritrovi, with Pietro Mari, Maschietto publisher, Florence, Italy.

FotoGrafia 20072007  
Questione Italiana, FotoGrafia 2007, Zoneattive Edizioni, Roma, Italy.

The Road to CoalSeptember 2004  
The Road to Coal, Hopefulmonster publisher, Turin, Italy.

Beijing 7982004  
collaboration with Beijing 798, Timezone8 + Thinking Hands, Beijing, China.

FotoGrafia 20022002  
FotoGrafia 2002, 1st International Festival of Rome, Bruno Mondadori, Milan, Italy.

Grammaire de l'Objet chinois1997  
collaboration with La Grammaire de l'Objet chinois, Michel Culas, L'Amateur publisher, Paris, France.

editorial for Marie Claire Italy, Class, L'Espresso, DS France, Frigidaire.