Patrizia Bonanzinga


Solo exhibitions   [ More info ]

October 8th-December 3rd 2016   Spazi di Relazione, Galleria Passaggi Arte Contemporanea, Pisa, Italy

October 12th-25th 2014   Forme della Natura, AOC F58, Galleria Bruno Lisi, Rome, Italy

November 2011-January 2012   Time Lag, Italian Cultural Institute, Paris, France

December 2010-January 2011   Interior Fujian, Roots Contemporary Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

June-July 2010   My Best of Italy, Italian Cultural Institute, Beijing, China

May 2010   My Best of Italy, Cultural Center, Italian District, Tianjin, China

May 2009   The Other Kids, L'Altra Infanzia, A Outra Infância, Chissano Center, Maputo, Mozambique

October 2007   My Best of Italy, Italian Cultural Institute, Brussels, Belgium

April-July 2007   My Best of Italy, Porto America's Cup, Valencia, Spain

March-April 2007   Ritrovi, digital work planned and realised with the photographer Pietro Mari, National Museum of Modern Art Carlos Mérida, Guatemala City, Guatemala

December 2006-January 2007   The Road To Coal, Italian Cultural Institut, Cracow, Poland

November 2006-November 2010   Lavori in Corso: La Galleria, photographic installation, National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome, Italy

October 2006   The Road To Coal, Railway Central Station, Prato, Italy

May 2005   Cina Senza Tempo, Hutong Gallery, Rome, Italy

April-May 2005   The Road To Coal, AEM Energy House, Milan, Italy

November 2004   Ritrovi, Polytechnic, Valentino Castle, Faculty of Architecture, Turin, Italy

October-December 2004   The Road To Coal, National Center of the Photography, Padova, Italy

December 2003   Sui Confini, Zadig Gallery, Rome, Italy

September 2003   Permanenze a Pechino, Impronta Gallery, Rome, Italy

July 2001   Beijing Reinvent Itself, Atelier François Seigneur and Sylvie de La Dure, in occasion of Les Rencontres d'Arles, Arles, France

May 2001   An Italian Gaze on Beijing, Italian Cultural Institute, Marseille, France

June-July 1999   Raccontare Pechino, for the “Sipari” of the National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome, Italy

January 1997   On the borders: minorities'life in South-Western, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China