Patrizia Bonanzinga


Patrizia Bonanzinga

During her university studies where she obtains a degree in Mathematics, Patrizia Bonanzinga discovers her passion for photography. She has worked in several fields including education, training and scientific research. She used to live in Mexico, in Algeria, in USA, in France, in China and in Belgium. It's in Beijing (1995-1998) where she focuses her work in photography, dedicating to this country several projects.

Her photos are included in the collections of the National Gallery of Modern Art of Rome, the MAXXI National Museum of Arts of XXI century of Rome, the Moscow House of Photography, part of the Multimedia Art Museum, the Training and Documentation Centre Ricardo Rangel of Maputo (Mozambique), the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affair, the Basso Foundation in Milan and also in private collections.

May 2003, she's the curator of three exhibitions at the gallery Officina Arte al Borghetto within the framework of the FotoGrafia, 2nd International Festival of Photography, Rome, Italy: Made in China from Rhodri Jones, Shi Ma? from Bertrand Meunier, Chinese collectivities from Gao Brothers, Han Lei, Tie Uing, Zhang Da Li and Xing Danwen.

May 2013, during the third edition of MIA (Milan Image Art Fair), she was among the finalists of CODICE MIA, portfolio lecture; reviewers: Paolo Agliardi e Massimo Buffetti (collectors and founders of CAP, Contemporary Art Project, Milan), Anna Rosa e Giovanni Cotroneo (collectors, Rome), Lisa K. Erf (director JP Morgan Chase Art Collection, New York), Catherine Borissoff and Marianna Sardarova (art advisors and collectors, Moscow).

On June 2014, she got more votes on Online “Prize Combat” in the Photography category.

On November 2014, she won the Photissima Festival Prize, Turin, Italy.

On May 2015, she won the Premio Ora Award, San Donà di Piave, Venice, Italy.

On September 2015, she is among the finalists of Critical Mass Prize, Photolucida, Portland, Oregon, USA.

She used to hold courses at University, for more than ten years she collaborated on the magazine Fotografia Reflex, she writes essays and articles on specialized magazines.

She develops her work on two different levels: on the one hand, she travels to sensitive areas, with a clear intent to convey a message, using the analogical classic technique; on the other, she questions the relationship between photography and reality by building medium-format digital photos where she dissects and reassembles her images, forging yet another, different kind of reality.

The AFG Agency giornalistica fotografica in Rome represents her.

Since September 2013, she was back to Rome from Brussels.